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Clinic Director

Dr. Beau Sauls received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Parker University. Dr. Beau is a functional movement expert focusing on making patients move better to decrease injury. Dr. Beau uses Kinetisense to assess pro athletes, like the Atlanta Braves, as well collegiate level athletes, and helps make sense of biomechanical data represented through technology. Dr. Sauls is the leading Kinetisense expert in the US and specializes in the Kinetisense Advanced Movement Screen, 3D Functional Posture, 3D Risk-of-Fall/Balance/Concussion Baselines, and treatments/rehab to help improve these areas of dysfunction. You can reach Dr. Beau at beau@kineticcentre.com .



Kinetic Centre Practitioner

Dr. Brennan earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic at Parker University with Cum Laude academic honors. While at Parker, he also received an award for Clinical Excellence. Dr. Brennan has always had a strong curiosity in the amazing human body and enjoys learning more everyday about the complex systems of the body. This curiosity first started when Dr. Brennan began competing in strength competitions such as Powerlifting, Strongman, CrossFit, and others. He was constantly amazed by the strength of competitors, from the smallest to the largest competitor.  With the knowledge from chiropractic school and years of experience from strength training, Dr. Brennan approaches treatment with the mindset of helping patients create a stronger, healthier, more durable body. His passion is helping patients overcome the obstacles necessary to perform well in life, sports, or work. You can reach Dr. Brennan at brennan@kineticcentre.com


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Kinetic Centre Practitioner

Dr. Adrian X. Ubaru earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Parker University and is currently acquiring his Masters of Science in Strength and Human Performance from Parker University. Dr. Adrian is certified in both upper and lower region Fascial Distortion Model. He interned at EXOS Performance Center where he helped top college football players during NFL Combine Prep for the 2021 NFL Draft. With all this education, Dr. Adrian was able to apply this knowledge to himself when he was recovering from a major knee injury during his chiropractic studies. Having experienced an injury and seeing the power of chiropractic treatment and functional movement rehab, Dr. Adrian can apply himself fully to understanding what his patients are going through and how he can help. Dr. Adrian is a big basketball and football fan as well as a fan of mixed martial arts. Dr. Adrian is blessed to have the opportunity to serve his community, and his goal is to help his patients become more actively engaged in  their healthcare to improve their overall quality of life. You can reach Dr. Adrian at adrian@kineticcentre.com.


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Massage Therapist

Candi Reindl has been a successful massage therapist for four years. She has over 80 hours of dedicated education and training in orthopedic massage, but also is experienced in deep tissue, prenatal, sports, and geriatric massage. Candi has always enjoyed anatomy and bodywork, staying active herself in Obstacle Course Racing and stair climbing scenes. Her desire is to see her clients move better and more confidently which is why she customizes each client's massage to their specific needs.


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Massage Therapist

Jessie Mouton is a graduate in Kinesiology at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and Parker University in Massage Therapy. After a back injury ended her collegiate volleyball career, she immediately began coaching club volleyball. During her time as a coach, seeing her players go through injuries made her want to help her players off the court. Now Jessie is specializing in sports massage, reflexology and manual therapy for the female breast to help all patients live and feel better.


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Health & Wellness Coach

Diane Shepherd is a certified WILDFIT health coach.  She is passionate about helping people improve their health and wellness by optimizing their nutrition and their relationship with food.  Diane experienced her own health transformation through the WILDFIT program and desires to help others experience lasting health by supporting the body and mind with proper nutrition and lifestyle choices.  To compliment the WILDFIT program, she uses non-invasive scanning equipment to determine the root causes of imbalances in the body and designs a plan to bring the body back into balance.   As a former gymnast, cheerleader and marathon runner, Diane has a lifelong interest in health, wellness and fitness.  She loves helping people build and maintain a strong foundation so they can stay healthy, injury-free, and continue doing those activities they enjoy.  You can reach Diane at diane@dianeshepherd.com.


Office Manager

A graduate of St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas, Beth taught first graders and preschoolers for over 20 years. She was sad to leave her young students but is excited to welcome you into the clinic. Interacting with you is the highlight of her day. Beth came to Kinetic Centre Dallas hoping for relief from knee pain that had been troubling her for years from running and high impact exercise. Now, she is happy to tell you about her pain-free movement and the advances she has made in our fitness. You can reach Beth for scheduling or any questions at infodallas@kineticcentre.com or 469-697-9545.

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