The Kinetic Centre Dallas uses these tools for patient rehab. We make them available to you so that you can improve and maintain your movement outside of the clinic. We are committed to your good health and do not want a trip to the store or the time of shipping to delay your recovery. Call 469-697-9545 or email to order, or pick up what you need at your next appointment.



The First Foam Roller Designed for the Human Body!


IntelliRoll is a modern adaptation of stretching. The design of the IntelliRoll perfectly fits the contours of the human body. Foam rolling with IntelliRoll applies pressure to loosen and activate tightened muscles to help you maintain the corrected tissues from your treatment at Kinetic Centre Dallas.

CBD 1000 mg

Made by Doctors for Doctors' Patients


The medical field is still discovering the benefits of CBD oil for the human body. Kinetic Centre Dallas has used CBD oil for a multitude of diagnoses with great success. Kinetic Centre's high potency CBD oil is paired with MCT oil to ease movement and absorption throughout the body. Ask your practitioner if you might benefit from adding CBD oil to your treatment.

Lacrosse Balls

It's How We Roll!


Lacrosse balls are an affordable way of focusing your foam rolling at home. Tennis balls are too soft, whereas softballs and baseballs are too aggressive. The density of a lacrosse ball is perfectly suited to apply pressure to relax tissue without injuring it. 

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